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Enviroscanning, staying current

Two sections in one day! (Feel free to imagine me running around in circles waving my hands gleefully while shouting “Words! I wrote words!” I’m not, as it happens, but my inner child just might be…) An introductory section entitled “Current awareness and environmental scanning” is now up. My chief goal for it is that […]

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Checking our ’tude

I just finished a draft of the Assessing Attitude section. As always, comments and suggestions welcome! I also did a little bit of cleanup work here and there. Notably, if you’ve left feedback, I believe I have now incorporated it and credited you in the Acknowledgments. (If I haven’t, don’t hesitate to leave another comment […]

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Half-draft, with attitude!

I’m not done with “Assessing Attitude” yet, but there’s enough there to merit some feedback, especially as I’m finding this horrendously tricky to write. If the tone isn’t just so, large sections of this will shed more heat than light. So. How about y’all tell me where the tone isn’t just so, so I can […]

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My secret weapon!

Because I was proud of myself for trudging through a segment I didn’t particularly want to write, I let myself skip out of order to write a fun segment: The Art of Defensive Bookmarking. If you’ve been wondering how I can be such an annoying smartass about so many things… or how I manage to […]

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Two new chapter segments up

“Finding Time” and “Getting Buy-In” are now drafted. I’m fairly happy with the first one, but the second one is a bit of a drag, really—if anyone can find happier things to say that I left out because my own experiences with this have been so horrendous, I’d love to hear about it. Sundry textual […]

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The Expanding Skills blog

I don’t know that this blog will see a great deal of use, but at minimum I do want to use it as an update mechanism for those who want a heads-up when I’ve written something new. There’s a newsfeed for feedreader folks, and if anybody wants email updates, let me know and I’ll install […]

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